With a background in visual direction, photography and experimental video, I developed a creative eye that allows me to transform a simple image in an striking artistic visual experience.

I’ve been studying with Masters of cinematography & photography; it’s here, where I started to elaborate my own compelling vision and acquiring an acute eye for details, my passion for photography grew towards the moving image and its meanings, power and beauty.

I’ve been traveling all my life, I’ve been studying and working all over Europe and America (Milan, Rome, London, Manchester, Budapest, San Francisco, Los Angeles), in order to achieve a complete knowledge and technique.

I create my own style that is always mutating according to what I see, love and learn.

My work is about experimenting, researching, to seek a new, different connection through the lens of my camera.

I love stories that allow me to dig deeper into the art of cinematography and its possibilities and developments.

I seek perfection through my work, a new vision, a connection between the public and the final product.

I am resourceful, I always find a way to make things work even in the toughest and unfavorable of the situations: problems are the roots of discoveries.

I have a leadership spirit, but I’m always open to suggestion from others, I believe in the team work, a crew is a family; where we help, learn and grow together.